Manifestation and The Law of Attraction

Many people think the concept of manifestation is a difficult one, but the reality is rather different – in fact it’s something that’s been around since the human race evolved consciousness, and it’s a fairly natural and easy process for anybody to engage in.

Now I know if you’ve tried this and you failed to manifest anything, you’re going to be doubtful about the truth of that statement! One problem is that many people’s expectations were raised far too high by the publication of The Secret in 2006.

Manifest whatever you wish

You can manifest anything, including the relationship you want!

In reality, The Secret manifested a lot of money for the authors, but it didn’t manifest much success for a lot of people who tried to use it! I’ve seen one of the criticisms that’s been levelled at The Secret many times over is that if you fail to manifest anything using the Law of Attraction, then the blame appears to fall on you for not using the techniques correctly…

Yet somehow it never seems to fall on people who write about the Law of Attraction (for either being opportunists who don’t really know how it works – not that I’m suggesting anything in The Secret was remotely of that nature, because it wasn’t –  or because they don’t fully understand it.)

Now what I know about the Law of Attraction is that it’s a reliable and extraordinarily powerful tool that the human mind has at its disposal – but it does require certain preconditions to be fulfilled before it will work for you.

One of those preconditions, regrettably, is that you have to believe implicitly in what you’re trying to achieve – and there’s the stumbling block for most people! You see, it’s rather difficult to believe in the Law of Attraction until you’ve had the proof that it works by manifesting something for yourself.

And of course if you have limiting beliefs which prevent you from establishing complete certainty about the reality of the process then you’re in a double bind which can be very difficult to overcome.

Now having said all of that, one of the best ways of overcoming such difficulties is to find ways of manifesting small things that are believable, which you can actually accept as possible, and then base your future objectives on the back of your previous successes so that you increasingly find higher and more difficult objectives – that that is to say, more difficult in terms of your belief system – in a progressive series of manifestations which could be summed up quite simply as “success breeds success”.!

Now I’m very keen on the Law of Attraction – read more about it here – because it’s actually produced some remarkable and extraordinary changes in my life over the years, but I will allow that the success I’ve had with it hasn’t been always consistent, and that in fact, I could quite happily have wished for many more benefits than I managed to achieve – my success rate probably ranges around 25% or something like that.

And I will also admit that when I don’t succeed using the Law of Attraction, there’s often a very good and usually obvious reason – I’m not putting in enough energy, or not taking the process seriously enough, or perhaps I don’t even want what I claim I wish to manifest enough to make it appear in my life.

Manifestation is not a simple process – well, it isn’t simple in terms of our human perspective, but from a spiritual perspective it’s the simplest and most natural thing you could ever imagine – you see, we are equipped, each and every one of us, with a brain that is enabled (by some spiritual mechanism) to connect with the divine power above and all around us, the creative force behind the universe.

When you have the ability to tap into this creative force, when you can actually ask it clearly and simply for whatever you desire, and you’re motivated by a fairly strong set of beliefs and intentions that fall within a positive framework, you can almost always rely on the Law of Attraction to generate what you want.

So if you’d like to read more about this, the place to go is my website on the subject, and in fact, you’ll be glad to know that I’ve written two of them, which you can find up above. Both of these websites are designed to explain the Law of Attraction to anyone who is interested in manifestation, and I hope you find them helpful.