Delayed Ejaculation Need Trouble You No More!

There isn’t a great deal of useful information on the Internet about delayed ejaculation, so if you want to get good information on this particular aspect of the problem, I strongly recommend that you visit one of my sites.

Delayed ejaculation couple in bed

Delayed Ejaculation need not trouble you

The first one is to be found here. This is a site in which the causes of delayed ejaculation and all of the issues that arise between members of the couple are discussed, along with possible cures and solutions which don’t involve expensive therapy with a personal therapist or repeated visits to a medical practitioner.

The second site that I’d like to introduce you to is here, and is about overcoming the problem of being a far-too-long-lasting lover – in other words, it’s about finding a way to ameliorate the symptoms of delayed ejaculation so that you can reach orgasm in a timely fashion during intercourse.

Now I know that some of you will have read material on the Internet that suggests there are no cures available – but I wouldn’t be so dogmatic in saying this was the case. For me, the essence of curing delayed ejaculation is to find a methodology which suits you so that you are motivated to stick to it, and that you have the willpower and determination to find a way through to a conclusion.

In some cases of course the delayed ejaculation is known to hide symptoms of deeper troubles in the relationship, such as a lack of communication between partners. In circumstances like this, it’s obviously unlikely that a couple are going to be motivated to find a cure for the delayed ejaculation, since doing so would probably expose the difficulties that already exist between the members of the couple, as far as the sexual relationship is concerned.

delayed ejaculation

delayed ejaculation

It follows therefore that you’re going to not only be in required to look at your delayed ejaculation and find a solution to it, but also the issues which may underlie it, will also need to be examined and this can sometimes be painful.

Couples are able to adapt themselves to come only as relationship where the issues which need to be addressed to achieve deep intimacy are never explored.

Various mechanisms from a simple straightforward lack of communication to sexual dysfunction can be used unconsciously as a means of maintaining the status quo, and maintaining the difficulties at an unconscious level which is acceptable to both partners.

Now although it may be acceptable for a couple to have established a form of relationship in which communication and intimacy are absent, so they just “rub along together”, it’s a shame and disappointment for women in many circumstances that men are reluctant look at the issue of delayed ejaculation.

In other words, what I’m saying is that it’s frequently the woman who is inspired to motivate the man to find a solution to the problem because she wants the intimacy that she naturally feels during sexual intercourse.

Where men feel it’s much easier to obtain sexual relief than intimacy from intercourse, there’s less of a motivating factor for men to solve the delayed ejaculation problem – particularly if doing so would require them to establish a level of intimacy that they’re reluctant to explore.

Negotiating a pathway between these two aspects of the situation requires tact and diplomacy, and certainly a great deal of sensitivity on the part of the man – and it needs hardly emphasizing also that women who wish to achieve their desired outcome of normal intercourse need to be subtle and careful in how they approach this problem, otherwise they risk antagonising and alienating their partner or husband even further.

So rather than reiterate many of these points here, I’d like to emphasize that they’re all covered in my self-help treatment program which you can find online, and there are other useful sources of information about delayed ejaculation on the Internet.

I’ll just recommend one of them for you, which is this one. Good luck and I hope you are successful in finding a solution to this pernicious sexual difficulty