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Use the power of visualization

You can use the power of visualization to overcome any sexual problems such as delayed ejaculation or premature ejaculation – perhaps even erectile dysfunction.

Now I know this may seem like a radical idea, but the fact of the matter is that many of the sexual dysfunctions originate in the mind – not the body, or at least, it might be more accurate to say that perhaps they originate in a combination of psychosomatic and psychological issues.

Which means of course, that while you should always get medical advice for any issue that you may be facing, it’s also a good idea to investigate the possibility of using psychological techniques such as visualization and manifestation.

If you’re thinking manifestation is a technique that is just used to create abundance and prosperity or perhaps financial wealth, then think again! The same principles can be used for anything that you wish to manifest in the world, whether internal to your own mind or external in the physical world around you.

In terms of your own mind, what we’re talking about here is a psychological shift which originates in your visualization of the new outcome – in this case, overcoming your sexual dysfunctions and functioning normally in bed with a timely ejaculation.

You see, many of the problems that cause psychosexual problems originate in emotional issues such as anger, resentment, guilt, shame and fear – and the cure for these lies not only in psychodynamic psychotherapy, but also in simply “reprogramming” your brain with a different reality.

What this appears to mean in practice is that you can actually use techniques of visualization and manifestation to manifest a different state of sexual confidence, just as you might use them to manifest a relationship, or to improve a relationship in which you’re currently experiencing disharmony.

The essence of all manifestation is that you start with a clear intention – in other words you must have a clear objective, a defined outcome, something that’s really important to you, which generates a lot of emotional energy and satisfaction for you.

And furthermore that must be something you can sustain energetically over a period of time – it’s no use having a worthwhile objective now, but losing your motivation in a few weeks, because you’re distracted by what you’re doing on a day-to-day basis..

So once you’ve found something that has the ability to sustain your energy and desire over a longish period of time then you need to consider the degree to which you actually want to achieve that outcome – are you passionate about it, do you really have a strong desire and fervent expectation that it will happen?

For these are the fuels of emotional manifestation – visualization, the emotional energy of desire, the certainty of belief, the absolute necessity of expectancy – and of course the absolute requirement that you take action in some form or another.

So in what form will you be taking action? Well here, you’re visualizing whatever it represents to you to have a perfect sexual performance, full of confidence and vitality, imagining it in detail, in all the detail that you need to create in your mind a visualization which enables you to believe that you are looking at a picture of your future self in a different reality.

Video – hypnosis and visualization

This might seem like a strange idea, dealing with sexual issues using mental techniques like visualization, but in actual fact it’s no different than self hypnosis, which you might be more willing to accept the possibility for change in your own future.

Indeed, in that respect, it’s absolutely possible to use self hypnosis tapes – of which there are an infinite supply on the Internet, or at least so it would seem – you can download them from many different websites, and they are, or can be, highly effective.

Most authentic websites that are operating with integrity will offer you free samples of each recording so that you can test them before you download them. However, if you’re not of the frame of mind where can engender the discipline to visualize your desired outcome of sexual competency twice a day, then get hold of a self hypnosis tape and use that instead.

If you are using visualization, you need to sit down in a chair, or lie down in bed (which can make you go to sleep), and then you need to physically relax every part of your body until you have transitioned into what’s known as the alpha state.

The alpha wave state is this particular state of relaxation where your brain operates at a specific cycle of electrical activity – and it’s the electrical activity of your brain determines the state of mind you enter, a slightly altered state of consciousness where you’re in connection with your intuition and the deeper parts of your creative subconscious mind.

In this state it’s possible to visualize images very powerfully, and it’s also proven that the imagery will convince the subconscious mind that you are living that reality here and now – the subconscious mind can’t tell the difference between imagination and reality. By using this technique, you going to find your expectations of yourself change, and indeed the physical reality you are living in bed will change too!

Now, having said all that, this is an act of faith, and it is an unusual idea – but once again, the overall principle of manifestation is that no matter what it is you’re trying to manifest, be it a mental change or physical change, you can actually do that easily enough, simply by picturing a vivid image of what it is you want to achieve in your mind.

I suspect that for many men, sustaining belief may be quite difficult because in the early stages of transition from where you are now to where you want to be, you will still experience sexual “failure” – and this could impact massively on your belief about your ability to control your sexual outlet.

However, if you keep going, you can find that at some point you begin to notice that your sexual performance gradually starts to improve, moving from a place where you’re uncertain, and your ejaculation may be taking place much too fast or much too slowly, to a place where you are actually beginning to sense that you have much more control of how quickly you orgasm and ejaculate.

It may also be useful to use self hypnosis with visualization to change your mental attitude to sex and perhaps also to the whole orientation and dynamic of the relationship between you and your partner, so that you come to see it as one of equality –  rather than viewing it as you “having” to serve a woman in terms of pleasuring her.

No matter how strange you find these ideas, I highly recommend you should try them because it’s only by the experience of the power of your own mind that you will be able to step into a place of strength which will allow you to satisfy a woman and yet at the same time take your own pleasure from the act of lovemaking.

Delayed ejaculation isn’t a simple problem to cure, but by using an two fold approach which adopts both physical and mental processes, you’re much more likely to achieve success and be functioning normally in bed within a few months.