Use Your Brain Power To Stop Sexual Problems

You can overcome premature ejaculation and delayed ejaculation more easily than you ever thought possible.

The power of your mind.

I’m often asked by men who are seeking solutions for their sexual problems as to how they might find a way to make love with more confidence — and indeed, more competently.

Traditionally, remedies for premature ejaculation have centered on either muscle control, uncomfortable and potentially disruptive (to the process of sex, that is, LOL) processes like the squeeze technique and the stop-start technique.

But in reality, premature ejaculation is always a mental problem — it’s not about oversensitivity of the penis, as some men like to think, nor is it about a high sex drive, as other men like to think — it is, in short, to repeat, a mental problem.

overcome delayed ejaculation

how to overcome delayed ejaculation

To be more specific, it’s a mental / emotional problem: which means in practice that men who come too quickly are (at least in one viewpoint) effectively trying to avoid a sexual situation by ending it through early ejaculation.

Generally when you dig down into the psyche of men who experience rapid ejaculation, you find that the main causes are anxiety about sex, shame about sex, or anger against women.

Now of course it’s entirely possible that the highly sexually active and aroused adolescent may ejaculate quickly simply because he hasn’t had much sexual experience, but let’s ignore cases like this!

This leaves us with an issue: which is that men seek to control premature ejaculation by findingphysical solutions to what is in effect a mental or emotional problem.

It seems quite logical to expect that the best course of action for solving premature ejaculation problems might be to identify mental or emotional techniques which will overcome the mental or emotional blocks which are causing the problem in the first place.


In this context, it’s helpful to observe that men who use visualization techniques to rehearse their sexual lovemaking tend to find that their premature ejaculation is alleviated quite quickly.

It’s all a matter of freeing the subconscious, and making sure that it understands that sex is not a threat, but a delightful event, that is not to be hastened through, but lingered over for the pleasure of both partners.

This can be done quite simply, I believe, by giving men who suffer from this issue the opportunity to learn some visualization techniques to enable them to picture themselves making love competently and in a controlled fashion.

Oddly enough, websites on the law of attraction often speak about using sexual energy to create reality (check this out, for example). I agree with that principle entirely, but I would take it a stage further: you can actually use manifestation techniques to control the expression of sexuality during intercourse. Of course, what you get from sex is up to you – just as it is in every other area of live.

While sexual energy, and indeed love energy itself, are two of the most powerful forces in the universe, it would be peculiar indeed if they were not to be harnessed for a great benefit in ways other than the chief pleasure of sex — orgasm.

One way which they can be harnessed effectively, to produce an improvement in sexual performance on sexual confidence, is to redirect the emotional and sexual energy of the subconscious mind and to whole body, WHICH DISPELS THE NEED TO EJACULATE QUICKLY, and can produce an energetic flow in a Tantric fashion between the partners.

One wonders why so many men put up with problems like premature ejaculation when it seems very easy indeed to stop it happening with only a slight shift in thinking.Though these things may seem complex at first, it’s only a matter becoming familiar with them and using them to your own advantage — after all, the solution to your problems lies within your mind, just as the cause of those problems lies within your mind.

That shift takes one from traditional solutions like physical techniques and tricks to use during intercourse [whether that’s breathing patterns, muscle control, the stop – start technique, or whatever] towards new techniques such as mental imagery, cognitive behavioral therapy, and desensitization.

Of course it’s fair to say that there are many people — men especially, I think — who are reluctant to extend any effort to hold towards improving sexuality and sexual experience.

While this is unfortunate, it is, perhaps, the product of a in society which instant gratification is expected by everybody in every area of their existence.

In short, only those who are highly motivated to achieve a better sex life will try to do it using techniques of manifestation and the Law Of Attraction [which are in fact just mind control techniques which can be applied to any area of your life].

If you’re interested, follow the link above, and you will be taken to a website where you can find out all about the mental techniques which traditionally have been used to control the experience of the mind, direct its energy and particularly focus it on achieving a desirable outcome.

In closing let me just add that many women find premature ejaculation extremely distressing, but they don’t find it as distressing as their man’s failure to improve the situation by doing something about it.

For many women, a man’s failure to address premature ejaculation is tantamount to the expression of indifference to the welfare of the woman in the sexual relationship.